Kratom effects vary greatly between different kratom strains, between individuals and even according to the amount of kratom used. Therefore, kratom users may seek different effects from the same plant - but it is sometimes difficult for the inexperienced kratom user to know what kratom strains they should go for, and then what dosage and method of kratom consumption is best for them. This website is here to assist new kratom users to answer those questions, whether they want their kratom to deliver stimulating effects, relaxing effects, analgesic (painkilling) effects or nootropic effects (in other words, kratom to enhance the user's mental functions).

Kratom for mental function

Kratom is well known amongst connoisseurs for helping to focus the mind. Many people report nootropic effects from kratom, and as you might expect, some of the strains that produce a nootropic effect are the same ones that are used for their stimulating effect. However, if you're looking for kratom mainly for its nootropic effects, there are some special considerations.

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Kratom with stimulating effects

Many people like their kratom to have a stimulant effect. This is perhaps the reason that some have sought to portray kratom as something akin to a 'legal high' or recreational drug. In reality, if you want kratom to be a substitute for illegal recreational drugs or legal highs, you're going to be disappointed. Kratom is a gentle herb. However, if you're looking for a pleasant 'lift' and mood enhancement, kratom might work for you - provided you choose the right strains.

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Kratom with sedating effects

One of kratom's great strengths is as a gentle, soothing, and relaxing herb. Many people use kratom to lower anxiety levels, soothe worries and aid relaxation. There are many strains of kratom that are great for relaxation if taken right, so what is the best way to choose the right relaxing kratom strain for you?

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Kratom for recovery

Perhaps the greatest effect of kratom is its extraordinary ability to ease pain - whether it's a headache, arthritic pain, chronic post-operative pain, or virtually any sort of pain. Most people (though not all) who are looking for an analgesic effect would prefer to be relaxed than stimulated, though - so how to choose the best strain for you?

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